Correctly or not I have used standard carpet in this car, rather than spending several hundreds of
pounds for 'automotive' carpet replacements. The carpet is standard cord twist from 'Carpet Right'
and cost £20 for 1m x 4m.

(Click on any image for a larger view)


The images below show that before the carpet was placed I put down a layer of sound proofing material
to reduce road noise and vibrations. I have used a 2.5mm thick, high density synthetic soundproofing
membrane from Custom Audio Designs
I have used part SY50, a self-adhesive material weighing 5KG/m2. This covers the floor and front bulkhead
of the car. Rather than paying full price for a 1m x 7m roll, I managed to acquire a roll end that was
2.5m long. This was just long enough to cover most of the floor pan.


These images show the bare metal before sound-proofing and carpeting. painting the floor with
a rust inhibitor first is a worthwhile exercise.


        Created by Trevor Cook 2010