After driving this car around for a few weeks is soon become apparent that the normal British
public don't have a clue what trafficators are (shown in the image above). After all who can blame
them, they are not the easiest to spot as they are located at the top of the door pillar.
After 3 people in one day either tooted their horn at me or flicked me the bird I thought that it
maybe a good idea to fit some standard indicators. After looking around I chose some chrome bullet
indicators from eBay.

I have used two Lucas SFB190 type flasher relays to drive these indicators. Most standard cars only
have one relay that is wired into the indicator switch. If I was to do this then the trafficators would
also bob up and down and probably wouldn’t last too long. Now when I use the indicator both the trafficators
pop up and the indicators flash.

Standard Indicator wiring.(Click on the image for larger diagram)

Wiring for my A30, note that I have modified my car to Negative Earth.(Click on the image for larger diagram).

        Created by Trevor Cook 2010