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Overview of the factory fit Harman Kardon audio system in the Polestar 2 (with Plus package)

The audio system in the Polestar2 is comprised of 13 speakers. Polestar's marketing material show the locations above.
The marketing audio power figure for the system is 600W, but it is at least half that in reality.
The actual amplifier IC's within the amplifier are 8 channels at 28W RMS and 4 channels at 27W (@10%THD).
The 600W figure from the marketing material being the maximum power if the amplifier was driving into 2ohm, however the speakers are actually 4ohm with the tweeters being ~12ohm. The true power will be closer to 300W.

The physical amplifier is located inside the boot / trunk.

The audio system is fully digital, each audio module is connected on a digital optical ring, the MOST bus.
The audio signal is digital right up to the final amplifier stage. All internal signal processing is done in the digital domain.
For more information on the MOST bus please see the HK amplifier teardown page.

Centre Speaker

The smaller speaker to the left is the SOS speaker, removal of this will lead to SOS warning errors.
The centre speaker is Volvo part number 31456871. (4ohm, 10cm).

Front Doors

The mid-range driver is located in the front door. This is complimented by the tweeter in the A post and the air woofer under the dash.
The front door speaker is Volvo part number 31456830. (4ohm, 10cm).
For more information on door panel removal see the Upgrade Audio page.

Front Tweeters

The tweeter is located in the front A pillar. It is driven directly from the amplifier with no high pass filter fitted.
The tweeter is Volvo part number 31456837. (12ohm, 25mm).
For more information on the removal of the A panel see the Upgrade Audio page.

Rear doors

This is a component arrangement with a separate tweeter and midrange mounted in the rear doors
The rear tweeter is Volvo part number 31489121. (12ohm, 25mm).
The rear woofer is Volvo part number 31489043. (4ohm, 15cm outside diameter, 16cm mounting screws, 12cm basket ).

Rear Surround

These are full range speakers that are located in the rear pillar above the boot / trunk
The rear pillar speaker is Volvo part number 31456872. (4ohm, 10cm, but closer to 7.5cm cone).
These are fairly small speakers that are poorly enclosed and only add some surround for the rear passengers.

Front Air Woofer

This is mounted under the front dash. It is a dual voice coil speaker and is driven from two of the amplifier channels.
I don't have much more information as I didn't remove it or replace it during my audio upgrade.