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Introduction Adding a Power Cable Centre speaker Front A pillar tweeter Front door speaker Rear door speakers Surround speakers Adding a subwoofer Adding a DSP / amplifer Schematic of my system

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Polestar 2 Schematics.

2021 Volvo XC40 (95% aplicable to MY20/MY21)
2024 Polestar MY24


Click on the schematic to open it.

Notes on reading the schematics:

The schematics are generic for all XC40 models so also include wiring for the Hybrid and ICE vehicles.
Only follow traces that are named BEV or Common.
Ignore traces that contain N_BEV, N_HEV or 48V_KERS

BEV = Battery Electctic Vehicle
BEV_48V_KERS = Mild Hybrid engine
HEV = Hybrid Electic Vehicle
PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Electic Vehicle
V316 / V317 = XC40
V331 = Polestar2
PAC360 = Parking assist 360 Degree camera (option)
BLIS = Blind Sport Detection (option)
AWD = All Wheel Drive


Schematics retrieved from the service bulletins at nhtsa.gov
Redistributed with little guilt given that VIDA is not available to us in the UK.