Austin A30 Car Computer / Digital Dashboard

Note: This is still work in progress but it's in a state that it can be shown off.

What does it do?

  • It provides a 'digital dashboard'. This gives me speed, fuel gauge, RPM, battery voltage and temperature for both the engine and outside.
  • Sat-nav,
  • Provides a music collection larger than you would ever need,
  • Internet based radio (This confuses passengers when you’re listening to live Australian or Dutch radio in the UK)
  • Mobile Internet,
  • GPS tracking,
  • Route logging,
  • Webcam server, (It can upload image to a webpage every few minutes)


    This is what the install looks like.

    The computer is hidden under the dash* and is covered with trim in keeping with the rest of the car.
    The whole install is almost invisible when the screen is removed and this is made easier as the LCD
    is a USB screen that can very easily be removed. As the screen is touch-screen no keyboard is required.
    The only downside is that the touch screen has a gloss finish, this can be very reflective with even a
    small amount of ambient light.

    *The lads from the Swindon A30/A35 owners club had warned me that when driving in rain often the dash can collect water and this would
    leak down onto the computer. They are correct! After leaving a meeting for national drive it day I got caught in a huge rainstorm and water
    did start to collect. A handy jumper did soak up the water that came in and prevented any damage.

    Main Menu Screen

    The digital Dashboard
    This was the main reason that I installed the computer in this car.
    Speed is worked out from the GPS position and it probably more accurate than the actual speedo of my A30
    The Battery Voltage, Fuel Gauge, and Temperature sensors are all sensed from a Voltage to USB interface.
    Just above the 10MPH and 60MPH labels are two small green indicators, these flash when I use the car trafficators.

    It can hold your entire music collection.

    GPS courtesy of Automapa

    Shoe-horn this lot in!

    Yes the audio is probably excessive but I think that I have discreetly hidden most of it. The Subwoofer lives
    in the spare wheel-well in the boot, disguised as a somewhat strange looking spare wheel. The internal speakers
    are hidden behind the panels and the only visible speakers are the tweeters up the front.

    For more information on how this works, please click Here

            Created by Trevor Cook 2011