Most of the wiring is this car appeared to be original with a considerable amount of bodging done at
one time or other. This had led to various reliability problems with the electrics.
Examples of problems:-

  • Mostly the dynamo didn't charge the battery. (The trafficators would start to fail and if you stalled it, it wouldn't start)
  • When you pressed the horn the car would cut out
  • On dip beam one head-lamp would be dimmer than the other
  • On full beam one head-lamp would go out.
  • The car would periodically just cut out

  • To this end I thought it would be best to re-wire the car. The wiring is fairly simple and it only took
    approximately 2 weeks spending an hour or so a few evenings each week.
    These cars only had two fuses. One 50A fuse for the horn, one 30A fuse for the ignition and trafficators
    and the lights were wired directly to the battery. I have now added a 6-way fuse box.
    Only 5 of the origional wires remain as can be seen in the schematic below. The electrically the
    car is now much more reliable. It can also now power the computer and audio system.

    Schematic Diagram.(Click on the image for larger diagram - Very Large)

            Created by Trevor Cook 2010