My Austin A30

The Car:-

  • 1955 Austin A30, A2S4, 2 door Saloon
  • Engine = 984cc @ 34bhp
  • Carburettor = SU HS2
  • Crusing Speed = 55 -60 MPH,
  • Top Speed = almost 70MPH, shakin' like hell!,
  • Fuel Consumption = 40MPG

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  • This car is still a work in progress......

    Work carried out so far:-


  • Fit electric fuel pump
  • The roof-lining has been removed and replaced
  • Added rear seatbelts.
  • Carpets removed and replaced. Including adding sound proofing
  • Replace the Dynamo with Alternator
  • Rewire some of the dodgy electrics. and mend the horn
  • Add Indicators
  • Repair the fuel gauge
  • Replace the Thermostat and flush the radiator
  • Install the CarPC.
  • 2011

  • Replace the Zenith Carb with a more reliable SU HS2 type.
  • Remove the strip of Wax Oil on the prop shaft, no more vibrations at 50MPH.
  • Fully flush the engine and gearbox oils.
  • Replace the bodged Mini fan with a proper A30 Fan blade.
  • Fully flush and de-gunk the cooling system, no more overheating.
  • New points and condenser.
  • Tappets adjusted
  • Four new tyres, Firestone 145/80 R13's

            Created by Trevor Cook 2011