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Replacing the Roof-lining


As can be seen from the image above, the roof lining was mouldy and black.


DIY Lining replacement

To fit the new lining the frame that the lining attaches to will have to be removed. This frame is split into two sections and can be removed by sliding the whole front section backwards. The two sections are held together by three clips to the rear of the frame.
Some 'force' maybe required to pop the frame out this can easily be straightened out once removed. The rear section should be able to slide upwards once the front section has been removed.
The above image also shows that the frame that holds the fabric up is rusted. To stop this 'bleeding' through to the new fabric this will need to be painted with a rust inhibitor.

For new roof-lining I am using a heavy weight curtain lining material. Apparently it was from an unrequired MOD project and the material is fire retardant and mould resistant.

 • The first step to creating the new roof-lining consists of draping the new lining over the metal frame and then trimming to a size slightly larger than the frame itself. As can be seen from the image below I have got three layers of material. The second layer being a thing lining material to further reduce noise and to help insulate the cabin.

 • These three layers were laid over the metal frame and pinned along the contours of the retaining bars.
Once the three layers have been pinned together it can all be sown together using a sowing machine.

Before attaching the fabric to the frame the fabric should be ironed
The fabric can now be pulled taught over the frame and hand sown in place.

 • The rear section is created the same as the main frame.

Note in the image above you can see the metal clips that the main frame will sit in.

 • The rear window should be removed to fit the rear lining. The lining is held in place by the physical window rubbers.

 • Before fitting the lining back in the vehicle, consider gluing sound insulating material to the roof itself using heat proof adhesive.